Pixeldom ThemeBounce : Adsense Blogging Theme for WordPress

Pixeldom is a WordPress blogging theme integrated with Adsense by ThemeBounce. This theme serves you with a unique wide layout style that utilize most of the free space to display blog contents. The demo highlights that it has been coded to display contents in clean style. The sidebar, homepage, blog posts and all areas will just focus to display contents in clean style.

Pixeldom ThemeBounce WordPress Blog Theme

If you want to the combination of simple style and modern blog features in single theme then here it is. This is top rated WordPress blogging theme for internet marketers and bloggers who wants only content as main focus.

Homepage Overview : Pixeldom Blogging Theme

What We Liked : The elegant homepage and bold typography are the best element that we liked at the first glance. If you just open then the demo then you will see a highly content oriented homepage layout that clearly shows blog posts, header elements, widgets and featured images. This type of blog layout can improve readability and help visitors find best blog posts of their choice easily.

ThemeBounce developers has already performed all the hard-work for you, so that you don ‘t have to spend time in coding. The theme gives you fast speed, clean layout, styling options and everything which takes little time. Once you have setup theme on sever then you can go into options page and create blog platform in few minutes only. Theme documentation will guide you to setup same website like demo or you can change it according to your niche type.

Homepage Layout - Pixeldom Theme Bounce

Pixeldom homepage will display featured post entries just like all the professional blog platforms. Visitors will find latest post entries on homepage with pagination link to check more entries from previous page. Thanks to excerpt post display options that shows many stories in single page with thumbnails, details and custom title.

The featured images will attract visitors attention and bold post titles will lead them to figure-out post topic. That’s the only way to get visitors to read full stories. Bloggers just have to write articles and most of the technical stuff is automatically managed by easy options panel. If you want a light fast loading blog platform then here is best WordPress blogging theme for you.

Best Features Of ThemeBounce Blogging Template :

Adsense Focused Layout : As I said in the beginning that Pixeldom WordPress theme has been built with wide layout. Hence, you can easily display in wide Adsense leader-board ads in homepage and other areas. The theme has special widgets so that you can display ad banners on front-age between featured post entries. Single blog post can also display banners on top, middle and bottom area. Header also has optional banner space like all other ad blocks.

Once you enable widget for particular section then you just need to insert Ad code. Within few moments, you will see your banners live around single posts and homepage in seamless style. Bloggers and review writers can earn good income with adsense or affiliate programs. No extra plugins or manual coding work is required to display advertisements.

Advertisement Banners - Pixeldom

Widget Area : The sidebar is going to be the only widget area which shows desired contents on right side. You can drag and drop the Ad banner widget, Recent posts widget, Blog categories and much more for sidebar. Widget page will show you list of all existing widget locations and list of custom widgets. So, bloggers just have to drag and drop widgets in any order. Every widget comes with custom settings so that you can develop a content focused website.

Sidebar Widgets - Pixeldom Blog Theme

Header / Footer Area : You must not miss out on footer options which includes check box to enable social links. You can display social media link list on footer and header for all the best selected sites. The social settings panel will give you list of all supported sites to help you add profile links. Then you can enable social link bar for header or footer area as per your choice.

The header can also display search box which is an optional element like social link icons. Header has one navigation menu that will be best point to list all the categories or top pages. You can also use logo section to insert an image or text as brand with text slogan line. This is how you can develop a best blog website that easily links your visitors to all top categories and social profiles.

Header - Pixeldom Theme

Pixeldom WordPress Theme Top Benefits :

Sharing Buttons : Blog articles will add social sharing buttons so that readers can share good stories with other people. You can enable this feature from single post options list with only one click. Once enable, you will see sharing buttons bar on the bottom of all blog posts throughout the blog. This is how you can improve sharing rate on social sites which is good signal for popularity for search engines. And it can also get many visitors on your website from social media sites.

Related Posts : This is another blog post option which adds featured blog post entries from the related taxonomies. You can choose tag or category and it will then show blog posts from similar topics just below the articles. This section can highly improve page-views rate and stop people bouncing out from your website. If a reader doesn’t like article or finish reading current post then he would have a navigation point to check out more posts.

Single post can also insert Next/Previous posts links, Author biography box, Comments option and much more. Hence, blog readers will always find a way to keep browsing contents for long time.

Blog Post - Pixeldom WP Theme

Options Page : The options page will drive you towards easy customization experience, even when you don’t have coding skill. Just like all the other ThemeBounce WordPress themes, Pixeldom is also powered by visual options. These options comes with enable/disable options and other controls. Hence, you can change your header style, fonts, Ad banners, Widgets and everything easily.

If you want a best WordPress theme that would bring good advertisement revenue and many readers then we suggest this one.

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