HireBee AppThemes Review : Freelancer Marketplace WordPress Theme

HireBee is a premium marketplace WordPress theme suitable for freelance jobs posting websites. AppThemes has developed this theme to work over “Foundation Framework” which is best responsive framework for WordPress. The theme comes with back-end AppThemes themes options panel which is main control center. So you will be getting all options to control listings, price plans, payments, Escrow and everything within back-end.

HireBee AppThemes - Best Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

If we talk about goal then it is developed to connect Freelancers and Employers. As a result, site owner can earn some profit share revenue from listings and successful projects completion.

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Why HireBee for Freelancer Websites ?

We have already seen this online job marketplace platforms are popular for getting jobs done. This model is very much successful as it help freelancers to search best job according to skills. Business and company owners can also post their requirements and search right candidate. But, you just can’t choose any WordPress theme for online jobs marketplace.

If you really want to get success with this type of online job posting portals then you need certain features and flexibility. The best example of all successful job portals are Upwork, Elance, oDesk and many more. If you check all these platforms then you will find many common features which are available in HireBee WordPress theme.

Responsive Marketplace theme - HireBee

The back-end of this theme is very much easy and it needs no coding work to setup price plans, currency, homepage layout and for other tasks. It also takes care of both user types : Employer and Freelancers. There are easy options provided for listing, payments, communication and profile management. Both user types will have custom dashboard which shows current jobs, proposals, pending jobs, and profile section.

This type of model can prove successful when you develop easy to use website. AppThemes provide easy options for job search, filter, proposals and content management. Let’s check out each big feature with close look.

Top Features : AppThemes Freelance Marketplace Theme

Price Plans : HireBee gives you flexible price panel where site owners can easily add multiple plans. This plans listing section allows you to create as many plans as you want for small, and big employers. Plans listing screen offers fields to enter Plan name, Description, Price, Re-listing Price and Duration. You can also choose project categories where this plan is applicable. That means, if you have multiple niche freelance website then you can create plans according to category types.

So new employers can come to your site, sign up for new account and buy plan to start listing projects. Same way, you can offer some free credits to all new registered freelancers so they can use your site to find jobs for trial period. You can either provide one time credit for new freelancers or give them certain free credit every month.

Pricing and Credit Plans Listing - HireBee

Monetization : There are couple of ways to make earning from your site. You can use built-in monetization features as a primary income source. Your freelancer website can earn revenue when employer decide to show-off job on homepage featured area. You can also charge fees for posting projects, or to mark project as urgent. For extra income, you can charge freelancers for posting or featuring proposals.

If competition it too much with other authority freelance marketplace sites then you can also offer free listing and earn Ad revenue from traffic. Many website provides free listing and project proposal options, but they charge employers to get their jobs featured on homepage. The sidebar, and footer are widget areas which works to promote banners, social links, latest projects, job categories and more.

Creating a marketplace for employers and freelancers can be a great source of income. With Hirebee, you charge for posting, featuring and mark projects as urgent, and for posting and/or featuring proposals. You can also generate income from traffic with free projects.

Project Listing And Escrow : AppThemes

Adding New Projects : Posting project is really easier with front-end listing form which includes many features. You will find a form builder to add custom fields for job listings. AppThemes has already given custom fields that is mostly required by all employers. But, you are still getting options to add extra custom fields which might be required for different categories.

Post Project - HireBee AppThemes

Once you finish creating form then employers can easily start job posting process from front-end listing form. The form provides all ready fields so they can fill up listing title, project details, budget etc. Besides that, you can also select custom categories, skills, currency, and job location. The file uploader is also available which uses WordPress media panel so you can easily add image, PDF and other project related files.

Once you finish with listing form fill-up process then you will be taken to Preview screen and then Payment page and finally towards completion page. The listing process becomes easier with wizard which takes user towards the completion process in step by step mode.

Project Listing Preview - HireBee

Escrow : HireBee WordPress theme offers “Escrow” which is very secure mode to hold payment between two parties. Here, freelance website is going to be a middle man who assures successful payment on the completion of project. This feature let’s you hold the entire payment for on-going project using PayPal Adaptive payments. Once project is finished and confirmed by employer then money is automatically transferred to the freelance’s account.

If something goes wrong and project doesn’t finish successfully then employers can be easily refunded all money. Payment is main entity for any job posting sites and that’s why you have to use secure and easy way to get more user on your site.

Escrow Payment Settings - HireBee

More Features : AppThemes

We already checked all top level features and now it’s time to other best features which would improve user expedience. Administrators will get options to assign custom roles for both main user types. Mostly, employers posts jobs and freelancers apply for jobs, but sometimes employers can also work as freelancer. In this case, you can easily add flexibility for user roles by enabling “Shared Roles Capabilities” to share capabilities for each role.

Once jobs are listed then employers will start getting proposals and view them in dashboard. By this time, employer need to analyze all proposals and make choice to assign project to any one. Once a project is assigned to deserving candidate then both users can discuss about terms/condition and project requirements in details.

The back-end also provides a “Participants Workspace” where they can manage projects, share information and communicate easily. The back-end dashboard shows notifications for all activities that happens for particular user type. Job seekers can find right project using sort and filter category options. The HireBee theme has nice job search module which also shows category widget on sidebar.

User can find matching jobs easily by using skill, location and category filters. Each job shows “User Favourites” button with heart shape icon. Clicking this icon adds job in favourites list so freelancers can view all saved jobs later from back-end dashboard.

Search Filter Projects - HireBee Freelancer Theme

HireBee Review Conclusion :

The modern design let’s you showcase latest project entries, and top freelancers list on homepage. You can also add intro diction, “Post Job” button, and a navigation menu to connect all top level pages. The header has lots of space to show social links, project search box, logo and other controls for logged-in users. Just like demo, you can also add menu links to connect job search page, project posting page, blog page and more.

Thanks to AppThemes for developing such a best responsive freelancer marketplace theme. The bold layout, SEO friendly design and theme options makes it easy solution for any one who is dreaming to create a profit making freelance website.

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