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Fullscreen is the first full-screen gallery WordPress theme developed by Themify. This is the best responsive theme to display your photos in fully content focused layout. This photo gallery theme was developed after lots of research and internal discussion with expert developers. So you will find all advanced photo-showcase features that is expected from a modern photo gallery theme.

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If you are thinking to start a personal photography or design showcase website then here is the best solution. Just install this theme on your server and you will find lots of gallery and content management options. Themiy options panel offers you everything to control homepage, gallery page, single posts and pages.

Photobox Themify – Photo Gallery Theme

Why Fullscreen WordPress Theme ?

Most of the gallery themes are dependent on JetPack and other plugins. Very few themes offer their own built-in gallery management options. But this WordPress theme has been developed from scratch so you will find options to embed videos, add photos and other stuff. It also offers light-box frame support to display media items like pictures and videos.

What we really liked about Fullscreen theme is minimalist layout that is just focused onto imagery. So visitors will easily get attracted to your contents when their browse homepage, portfolio or blog template. Themify has not offered extra elements so all your content is grabbed directly onto photo gallery and imagery. We suggest this theme to agencies, photographers and professional designers.


If you just know little about WordPress and computer then it is all that is required to start your own photo showcase portal. This type of WordPress theme could be very helpful to display your photo album using advanced portfolio options. In-return you can easily get more leads and assignments for your skills.

Fullscreen Themify : Main Features Review

Minimal Homepage : If you closely check-out homepage demo then you will find only necessary elements in minimized mode. Hence, your photos are placed in the primary focus. The front page only contains useful elements like logo, description, list of social icons. In addition, there is an additional welcome message available for homepage area. This feature gives you option to display a text message right on the homepage.


Fullscreen BG Gallery :
The main element of this theme is fullscreen gallery and it you can assign it to any post or page. Apart from that, you can add image caption with every image or leave it blank as it is optional. Just visit homepage demo which allows you to toggle to full-screen mode by just clicking on single button. Once you are into full-screen mode then you can exit it by pressing escape key.


The fullscreen gallery offers swipe support for mobile and touch screen devices. So mobile and tablet users can easily browse through photos using swipe mode. This is the most advanced gallery theme which gives you all latest gallery presentation features.

Themify Portfolio Theme – More Details :

Regular Gallery : If you prefer to go for regular WordPress gallery options then you can access between : photo-swipe or lightbox. So your can show-off your photos using fullscreen swipe or popup lightbox. Both of these gallery presentation modes are excellent so you can pick any one that works for your site. Most of the photographers would prefer full-screen mode. And designers would prefer light-box popup when they have lot of contents.


You can also utilize Fullscreen to display multimedia light-box and video embeds. For e.g. popup, iframe or videos.

Conclusion : If we talk about layouts then you are getting man list and grid view layouts. So your portfolio or gallery page will look more attractive. The blog template is offered with two layouts : Large image list, Left sidebar. So if you love displaying widgets then sidebar layout is best. And you need big featured images for blog posts then large image list layout is good.

Before we conclude this discussion let me give you more information about other features. 4 footer widget columns, animated back to top button, 7 color skins, social media icons, custom header menu etc.


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